Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Fighter Follies 2021

An early start to get in place for the SJ departures as you never know how early they decide to go. As it happens it wasn't early at all. Still, 18 based Eagles also launched which kept us occupied.
The 336FS were off to Larissa, Greece as part of Operation Agile Combat. The borrowed aircraft are notated as such below.

Lakenheath 06-10-21

4 FW / 336FS 'Rocketeers'
87-0176/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0176 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
87-0187/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0187 F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
87-0206/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0206 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
88-1671/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1671 F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
88-1673/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1673 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
88-1676/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle - 335FS
88-1676 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
88-1680/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle - 333FS marked 4TS
88-1680 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0483/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0483 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0490/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0490 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0492/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0492 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0493/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0493 F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0496/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0496 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0501/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0501 F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
89-0505/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle
89-0505 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21
90-0230/SJ F-15E Strike Eagle - 333FS90-0230 SJ F-15E Lakenheath 06-10-21

Just a couple of visitors at Mildy

Mildenhall 06-10-21
63-8871 KC-135R Stratotanker - AMC (92 ARW)
86-0035 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
86-0035 KC-10A Mildenhall 06-10-21

A long overdue look round Duxford on the way home. It had been 17 years since Nay last visited and 40 since LB had!


A quick dash up as we both needed one of the AVs that had arrived a few days ago

Lakenheath 10-07-21

88-0435 F-16CG Fighting Falcon - 555FS
88-0460 F-16CG Fighting Falcon - 555FS
89-2001 F-16CG Fighting Falcon - 555FS
89-2039 F-16CG Fighting Falcon - 555FS
89-2047 F-16CG Fighting Falcon - 510FS
Aviano F-16s

08-8602 C-130J-30 Hercules - 37AS marked 86OG
08-8602 RS C-130J Hercules Lakenheath 10-7-21

No visitors noted at Mildenhall.


First trip out this year was to catch some F-35s on the carrier which had decided to make an unplanned stop in Pompey. We missed them when they went through Lakenheath due to work commitments. A late morning start as Nay had an appointment that couldn't be put off saw us leave Luton about 1100L. No messing about just straight down to beat the weather.

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), Portsmouth 20-05-21
Royal Air Force 617 Sqn 'Dambusters'
(ZM147)/013 F-35B Lightning
(ZM151)/017 F-35B Lightning
(ZM152)/018 F-35B Lightning
(ZM155)/021 F-35B Lightning
+ 2 more which remained unread.

Royal Navy 820 NAS
ZH824 Merlin HM.2
(ZH827) Merlin HM.2
ZH841 Merlin HM.2
ZH841 Merlin HMS QE R08 20-05-21
ZH843 Merlin HM.2
ZH846 Merlin HM.2

United States Marine Corps VMFA-211 'Avengers'
169620/CF-00 F-35B Lightning II
169620 CF-00 F-35B HMS QE R08 20-05-21
(169587)/CF-02 F-35B Lightning II
(169416)/CF-03 F-35B Lightning II
(169589)/CF-04 F-35B Lightning II
169678/CF-05 F-35B Lightning II
169678 CF-05 F-35B HMS QE R08 20-05-21
(169607)/CF-06 F-35B Lightning II
169608/CF-07 F-35B Lightning II
169608 CF-07 F-35B HMS QE R08 20-05-21
169610/CF-08 F-35B Lightning II
169610 CF-08 F-35B HMS QE R08 20-05-21
169614/CF-09 F-35B Lightning II169614 CF-09 F-35B HMS QE R08 20-05-21

USS The Sullivans (DDG-68) was also in dock. The helipad was empty and it does not have a hangar.

Nothing out at Fleetlands so straight home via a few civil stops. Not a late finish as LB had an early start ahead of him.


Monday, 5 October 2020

Fighter Follies 2020

It was that time of year for a desert change over, the 366FW had arrived at Lakenheath for an overnight stop. LB had just finished a night shift, but duty calls and a sprint up to the Heath to catch them departing was arranged.

Lakenheath 5-10-20
USAF visitors
366FW / 391FS - 'Bold Tigers'
90-0233/MO F-15E Strike Eagle - wearing '391FS'
90-0233 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath. 5-10-20
90-0236/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0236 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0237/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0237 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0238/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0238 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath. 5-10-20
90-0240/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0240 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0241/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0242/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0242 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath. 5-10-20
90-0243/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0243 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0246/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0248/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0248 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0249/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0249 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0253/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0253 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
90-0255/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
90-0259/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0300/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0333/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0333 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 5-10-20
91-0600/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
92-0366/MO F-15E Strike Eagle - wearing '366FW'
92-0366 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath.. 5-10-20

Always nice to see the MO's get over all together, hopefully they'll share the techniques with the Seymour boys one day! Only twelve departed whilst we were there, the other six would go the next day.
Turned out to be quite a good morning spell as twelve based F-15's also departed at the same time.
Just a couple of visitors at Mildy.

Mildenhall 5-10-20
USAF visitors
58-0120 KC-135R Stratotanker - 153ARS/186ARW 'Mississippi'
86-0028 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
86-0028 KC-10A Extender Mildenhall 5-10-20
05-8156 C-130J Hercules - 815AS/403WG 'Keesler'

From here it was straight home, LB needed some sleep!


A day out Buff hunting for Nay and LB, a couple were required so it was worth a little trip out.

Fairford 13-9-20
USAF visitors
5 BW / 23 BS
60-0005/MT B-52H Stratofortress - wearing '5BW'
60-0005 MT B-52H Fairford 13-9-20
60-0007/MT B-52H Stratofortress
60-0029/MT B-52H Stratofortress
60-0044/MT B-52H Stratofortress
60-0056/MT B-52H Stratofortress
61-0034/MT B-52H Stratofortress
61-0034 MT B-52H Fairford 13-9-20

After the buffs were in the net it was over to catch up on some Atlas' at BZZ.

Brize Norton 13-9-20
24/47 Sqn
ZH870 Hercules C.4
ZH870 Hercules C.4 Brize Norton 13-9-20
ZH872 Hercules C.4
ZH879 Hercules C.4

24/70 Sqn
ZM401 Atlas C.1
ZM407 Atlas C.1
ZM413 Atlas C.1
ZM416 Atlas C.1

Air Tanker Ltd
G-VYGL Voyager KC.3
G-VYGM Voyager KC.3

We saw another Voyager in one of the hangars which we read as ZZ339, but this may well of been a miss-pole, unless anyone knows any better? A few C-17's were also present but not noted.
The last stop of the day was Kidlington before heading home.


With two deployments over Nay and LB headed out on a rare Sunday mil spotting trip! Aviano F-16's were at Lakenheath, but only 3 were required and most of them were reported out on the ramps, so good odds ours were see-able.
The other deployment was more F-35's at Marham from the US Marines. We wasn't sure about seeing all of these, but we had to give it a go. We headed straight to Marham.

Marham 6-9-20 
USMC visitors
VMFA-211 - 'Avengers'
169414/CF-25 F-35B Lightning
169587/CF-02 F-35B Lightning
169588/CF-03 F-35B Lightning
169589/CF-04 F-35B Lightning
169607/CF-06 F-35B Lightning
169608/CF-07 F-35B Lightning
169610/CF-08 F-35B Lightning
169614/CF-09 F-35B Lightning
169620/CF-00 F-35B Lightning
169621/CF-01 F-35B Lightning
F-35B's Marham 6-9-20

VMGR-352 - 'Raiders'
166765/QB-765 KC-130J Hercules
166765 QB-765 KC-130J Hercules Marham. 6-9-20

It took a while to see them all, but with work we managed to read all the codes and one or two serials. Happy with the haul we headed down to Mildy. No visitors but Nay managed to catch his last based Herc, 13-5776.
Over at Lakenheath it was time for a walk over the warren, and it was getting a tad hot! 

Lakenheath 6-9-20
USAF visitors
87-0355/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
88-0532/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
88-0541/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
89-2001/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
89-2038/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
89-2044/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon
90-0709/AV F-16CG Fighting Falcon

Lucky for us, after the seventh serial hit the log we had seen the three required. There was zero chance of a decent picture so a retreat back to the car was in order, closely followed by a cold drink! Plus we needed to get down to Stansted as a Turkmenistan S-92 had turned up!
After that it was home for a rest before work the next day.


An early start saw Nay and LB heading to Lakenheath to catch the latest batch of Saudi deliveries.

Lakenheath 13-8-20
USAF visitors
12-1033 F-15SA Strike Eagle FMS Saudi Arabia
12-1033 F-15SA Eagle Lakenheath 13-8-20
12-1034 F-15SA Strike Eagle FMS Saudi Arabia
12-1034 F-15SA Eagle Lakenheath 13-8-20
12-1035 F-15SA Strike Eagle FMS Saudi Arabia
12-1035 F-15SA Eagle Lakenheath 13-8-20
12-1084 F-15SA Strike Eagle FMS Saudi Arabia
12-1084 F-15SA Eagle Lakenheath 13-8-20
58-0036/D KC-135R Stratotanker - 351ARS/100ARW
62-3540/D KC-135R Stratotanker - 351ARS/100ARW

Civilian visitors
N193LA Global Express

A rare civil visitor for LKH, still it was a good frame for us! Just the one visitor over at Mildy.

Mildenhall 13-8-20
USAF visitors
57-2603 KC-135R Stratotanker - 452AMW 'March'

With not a lot else going on we headed up to Marham, but it was deserted. We didn't want to waste the rest of the day so we went over to NWI, it had been a while since we got up to date with the based Bristow's etc...

After that it was back home, a quick look at Mildy saw no changes.


An F-35 deployment saw us heading back to Marham, the Italians had decided to come and play. Again we met up with Pogo, this time it was his turn to put in the mileage!

Marham 22-7-20
207/617 Sqn
ZM141/007 Lightning
ZM149/015 Lightning
ZM149 015 F-35B Marham. 22-7-20
ZM150/016 Lightning
ZM150 016 F-35B Marham. 22-7-20
ZM151/017 Lightning
ZM151 017 F-35B Marham 22-7-20
ZM152/018 Lightning
ZM151 017 F-35B Marham. 22-7-20

Italian Air Force
MM7336/32-05 F-35A Lightning
MM7336 32-05 F-35A Marham 22-7-20
MM7357/32-07 F-35A Lightning
MM7357 32-07 F-35A Marham. 22-7-20
MM7361/32-11 F-35A Lightning
MM7361 32-11 F-35A Marham 22-7-20
MM62180/46-45 C-130J Hercules
MM62180 46-45 C-130J Marham 22-7-20

Once the Italians had departed we headed down to MHZ, there was a visiting KC-46 and the weather was good so we decided to hang around for some pictures.

Mildenhall 22-7-20
USAF visitors
79-1947 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
79-1947 KC-10A Extender Mildenhall. 22-7-20
03-3119 C-17A Globemaster - 183AS/172AW 'Mississippi'
03-3119 C-17A Globemaster Mildenhall 22-7-20
03-3126 C-17A Globemaster - 305AMW 'McGuire'
03-3126 C-17A Globemaster Mildenhall. 22-7-20
16-46023 KC-46A Pegasus - No unit marks

USN visitors
165313/AX-313 C-130T Hercules - VR-53
165313 AX-313 C-130T Hercules Mildenhall 22-7-20

From here it was home time, a Chinese Falcon beckoned in the local.


Finally, we got time to head out to Shawbury, which we hadn't visited for many years. Growing up in Northolt we usually picked up the training squadrons with ease as they used to frequent the local heli routes often. Nowadays they seem harder to get, so a trip was on.

Starting early we headed straight there, the drive is about two and half hours from Luton. We met up with Pogo there, as it's only half hour for him.

Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM504 Juno HT.1
ZM504 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM506 Juno HT.1
ZM507 Juno HT.1
ZM507 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM509 Juno HT.1
ZM509 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM510 Juno HT.1
ZM510 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM511 Juno HT.1
ZM511 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM512 Juno HT.1
ZM512 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM513 Juno HT.1
ZM513 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM517 Juno HT.1
ZM517 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM519 Juno HT.1
ZM519 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM523 Juno HT.1
ZM523 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM524 Juno HT.1
ZM524 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM525 Juno HT.1
ZM525 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM527 Juno HT.1
ZM528 Juno HT.1
ZM529 Juno HT.1
ZM529 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZM530 Juno HT.1
ZM530 Juno HT.1 Shawbury 16-7-20

ZJ208 Apache AH.1
ZJ208 Apache AH.1 Shawbury 16-7-20
ZJ210 Apache AH.1
ZJ210 Apache AH.1 Shawbury 16-7-20

We spent a few good hours here, a splash and dash visit would've produced maybe twelve Juno's. But as we were meeting Pogo and wanted some photo's a few more were seen. Several tailless Hawk's were visible in one of the hangars on the far side, but remained unidentified.

The drive home included visits to BHX and a quick look into Coventry were we finally got the Polish Iskra after all these years!


Time to visit the parents in Boston, It'd be rude not to check in on the local bases whilst there. After a cuppa we headed off to QCY with a rare day out for Chas.

Coningsby 10-7-20
ZJ916 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ916 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZJ920 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ920 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZJ929 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ929 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZJ931 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ937 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ946 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK300 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK318 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK321 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK338 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK338 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK348 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK348 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK354 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK358 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK358 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK359 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK361 Typhoon FGR.4 - 12 Sqn
ZK361 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK362 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK362 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK365 Typhoon FGR.4 
ZK366 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK372 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK372 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK375 Typhoon FGR.4 - 41TES
ZK376 Typhoon FGR.4 - 41TES
ZK376 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK379 Typhoon T.3 - 41TES
ZK380 Typhoon T.3
ZK381 Typhoon T.3
ZK381 Typhoon T.3 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK382 Typhoon T.3
ZK383 Typhoon T.3
ZK383 Typhoon T.3 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK427 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK427 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK428 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK428 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK429 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK432 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK436 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK438 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK438 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20
ZK439 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK439 Typhoon FGR.4 Coningsby 10-7-20

A good haul of Tiffers, next stop Waddo, which was very quiet, but Cranwell and Barkston were a bit busier.

Waddington 10-7-20
ZZ507 Shadow R.1

Cranwell 10-7-20
ZM301 Prefect T.1
ZM302 Prefect T.1
ZM302 Prefect T.1 Cranwell 10-7-20
ZM306 Prefect T.1
ZM312 Prefect T.1
ZM315 Prefect T.1
ZM316 Prefect T.1
ZM333 Phenom T.1
ZM336 Phenom T.1
G-BYUN Tutor T.1
G-BYUO Tutor T.1
G-BYUX Tutor T.1

Barkston Heath 10-7-20
ZM304 Prefect T.1
ZM304 Prefect T.1 Barkston Heath 10-7-20
ZM308 Prefect T.1
ZM313 Prefect T.1
ZM313 Prefect T.1 Barkston Heath 10-7-20
ZM318 Prefect T.1
ZM318 Prefect T.1 Barkston Heath 10-7-20

That was all we had time for today, after all, there was a roast cooking :-)


More British Mil on the cards for today, this time in the other direction for some Wildcats and hopefully some Apache's if the weather was favourable.

Middle Wallop 8-7-20
XP822 Beaver AL.1
XP822 Beaver AL.1 Middle Wallop 8-7-20
XP910 Scout AH.1
XP910 Scout AH.1 Middle Wallop 8-7-20
ZD265 Lynx HMA.8
ZG921 Lynx AH.9
ZJ196 Apache AH.1
ZJ216 Apache AH.1
ZJ232 Apache AH.1
ZJ233 Apache AH.1

The weather wasn't great, a light misty rain, but in the breaks we managed to read a few. Next stop was Boscombe where we didn't hold out for much, but a few bits on the JARTS ramp were noted.

Boscombe Down 8-7-20
XS646 Andover C.1
XX173 Hawk T.1
XZ183 Lynx AH.7
XZ209 Lynx AH.7
ZF622 Navajo 
ZG751 Tornado F.3
ZK...    Chinook HC.6

The visiting Chinook evaded Identification, ZK was all we could read. Next stop Westland country!

Yeovilton 8-7-20
Royal Navy
ZJ119/C Merlin HC.4
ZJ119 C Merlin HC.4 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZJ124/H Merlin HC.4
ZJ128/M Merlin HC.4
ZJ128 M Merlin HC.4 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ375 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ375 Wildcat HM.2 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ377 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ377 Wildcat HM.2 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ397 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ514 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ517 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ517 Wildcat HM.2 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ528 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ532 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ534 Wildcat HM.2
ZZ534 Wildcat HM.2 Yeovilton 8-7-20
G-BYVK Tutor T.1
G-BYXK Tutor T.1

Army Air Corps
ZZ382 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ382 Wildcat AH.1 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ386 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ388 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ392 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ393 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ393 Wildcat AH.1 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ399 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ405 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ405 Wildcat AH.1 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ407 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ409 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ510 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ523 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ524 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ524 Wildcat AH.1 Yeovilton 8-7-20
ZZ526 Wildcat AH.1
ZZ526 Wildcat AH.1 Yeovilton 8-7-20

Dump area
773 Seaking Mk.47 ex Egyptian
WV911 Seahawk FGA.6
XS513 Wessex HU.5
XW630 Harrier GR.3
XZ674 Lynx AH.7
XZ719 Lynx HMA.8

Elsewhere on field
XT458 Wessex HU.5 - Preserved on gate

We finally remembered to look for the Wessex on the gate, then a quick look at the Yeovil plant as always.

Yeovil 8-7-20
0279 Merlin Mk.612 Royal Norwegian AF
ZH583 Lynk Mk.95A Portuguese Navy
ZH583 Lynx Mk.95A Yeovil 8-7-20
ZH829 Merlin HM.2(ASaC.5?) Royal Navy
ZH829 Merlin HM.2 Yeovil 8-7-20
ZJ137/W Merlin HC.4 Royal Navy
ZZ393 Wildcat AH.1 Army Air Corps

Several more Merlin's and at least one more Wildcat remained unidentified in the main hangar.

That was the Mil for the day, just a stop at Farnborough for some biz on the way home.


A day trip out to catch up on some British military, first stop was Mildenhall where there was nothing to trouble the log. Lakenheath also failed to make the score sheet, hopefully Marham would provide!

Marham 7-7-20
207/617 Sqn
ZM145/011 Lightning
ZM145 011 F-35B Lightning Marham 7-7-20
ZM149/015 Lightning
ZM150/016 Lightning
ZM150 016 F-35B Lightning Marham. 7-7-20

Just the three F-35s were out, so after a couple of graphs it was over to Apache central. Fortunately the weather was good for reading the serials today.

Wattisham 7-7-20
XT617 Scout AH.1
XT617 Scout AH.1 Wattisham 7-7-20
XZ605/L Lynx AH.7
XZ605/L Lynx AH.7 Wattisham 7-7-20
ZJ186 Apache AH.1
ZJ191 Apache AH.1
ZJ191 Apache AH.1 Wattisham 7-7-20
ZJ194 Apache AH.1
ZJ198 Apache AH.1
ZJ213 Apache AH.1
ZJ215 Apache AH.1
ZJ215 Apache AH.1 Wattisham 7-7-20
ZJ221 Apache AH.1
ZJ221 AH-64D Wattisham 07-07-20
ZJ223 Apache AH.1
ZJ224 Apache AH.1
ZJ226 Apache AH.1

A short walk from the crash gate found the two museum pieces. Another good haul of Apache's but the day was getting late so it was off home as an early start was on for tomorrow.


Today was just about getting a few different shots of the Eagles whilst they are at MHZ and another stab at Marham.

We met up with Pogo and Stevie T who were both taking the opportunity to knock off a few more F-15s.

Mildenhall 30-06-20
USN - Visitor
165313/AX-313 C-130T Hercules - VR-53
165313 AX-313 C-130T Mildenhall 30-6-20

USAF - Visitor
64-14846/OF RC-135V Rivet Joint - 55WG/95RS
64-14846 RC-135V Mildenhall 30-06-20
The displaced Eagles were 86-0154, 86-0156, 86-0160, 86-0163, 86-0165, 86-0171, 86-0172, 86-0178, 91-0301, 91-0314, 91-0316, 91-0320, 91-0329, 91-0331, 91-0602, 96-0201, 00-3000, 00-3003 and 01-2004.

A stop at the top of the hill and a little walk to read off those in the sun racks and then to the runway end for some photos.

Marham 30-06-20
F-35B Lightnings Marham 30-6-20

207/617 Sqn
ZM140/006 Lightning
ZM145/011 Lightning
ZM145 011 F-35B Marham 30-06-20
ZM149/015 Lightning
ZM149 015 F-35B Marham 30-06-20
ZM150/016 Lightning

(ZK028)/FD Hawk T.2 - 25Sqn
ZJ124/H Merlin HC.4 - 846NAS
ZJ124 H Merlin Marham 30-6-20
ZM304 Prefect T.1 - 3FTS o/f

Another look at Mildy on the way home revealed no new visitors.


Time for a little Lincs run out this time.

A couple of Tutors were up playing at Wittering so a little stop to pole them.

Wittering 22-06-20
G-BYUB Tutor T.1
G-BYXP Tutor T.1

Onwards to Barkston where flying hadn't started but they were pulled out ready to go.

Barkston Heath 22-06-20
ZM304 Prefect T.1
ZM308 Prefect T.1
ZM309 Prefect T.1
ZM312 Prefect T.1
ZM313 Prefect T.1
ZM317 Prefect T.1
ZM318 Prefect T.1

They were active just up the road though so went spent a little time here to get a few shots.

Cranwell 22-06-20
ZM300 Prefect T.1
ZM300 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20a
ZM301 Prefect T.1
ZM302 Prefect T.1
ZM303 Prefect T.1
ZM303 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20
ZM307 Prefect T.1
ZM307 G120 Cranwell 22-6-20
ZM314 Prefect T.1
ZM314 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20a
ZM315 Prefect T.1
ZM321 Prefect T.1
ZM321 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20

45 Sqn
ZM335 Phenom T.1

G-BYUC Tutor T.1
G-BYUC G115 Cranwell 22-06-20
G-BYUN Tutor T.1
G-BYUW Tutor T.1
G-BYUZ Tutor T.1

There was nothing at all happening at Waddington so we set off for Typhoon land.

Coningsby 22-06-20
ZJ916/916 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ920/920 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ928/928 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ929/929 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ931/931 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ931 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZJ937/937 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ946/946 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK300/300 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK307/307 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK318/318 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK329/329 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK348/348 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK348 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK353/353 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK354/354 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK358/358 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK361/361 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK365/365 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK366/366 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK367/EB-R Typhoon FGR.4
ZK372/372 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK374/374 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK374 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK380/380 Typhoon T.3
ZK381/381 Typhoon T.3
ZK382/382 Typhoon T.3
ZK383/383 Typhoon T.3
ZK428/428 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK429/429 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK429 Typhoon Coningsby 22-6-20
ZK432/432 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK433/433 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK436/436 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK436 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK438/438 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK439/439 Typhoon FGR.4

They were about to start flying again but we fancied having a look at Marham as it had been a shocking 30 years or so since we'd last been!

On the way we passed the Hunter (WT680) at Fleet Hargate but didn't stop.

Marham 22-06-20
207/617 Sqn
(ZM140)/006 Lightning

(ZK018)/I Hawk T.2 - 4Sqn
(ZK021)/L Hawk T.2 - 4Sqn
...../. Hawk T.2 - 25Sqn

We did stop for a quick piccy of the next Hunter though.

Beck Row 22-06-20
XG210 Hunter
XG210 Hunter Beck Row 22-06-20

Back via Mildy, rather quiet.

Mildenhall 22-06-20
USAF - Visitors
62-4125/OF RC-135W Rivet Joint - 55WG
62-4134/OF RC-135W Rivet Joint - 55WG
87-0120 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'

Retro 91-93 were due back from the States so we popped over just to make sure there wasn't a new one. You never know.

Lakenheath 22-06-20
Based 48FW
91-0311/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0311 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20
91-0603/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0603 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20
97-0221/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
97-0221 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20

So, no newbies. As usual none had tail colours.

And finally a late evening stop for a C-17

Stansted 22-06-20
1228 C-17A Globemaster III UAE Air Force
1228 C-17 Stansted 22-06-20

A late finish but as Nay is still furloughed and LB is on lates tomorrow all was good.

Todays vote was to try and catch some Chinooks, or Lekkers if you prefer. Again the weather wasn't great but we gave it a go, social distancing of course.

Odiham 12-06-20
18 Sqn
ZH901 Chinook HC.5
ZH901 Chinook Odiham 12-06-20

Three more were on the ramp and all started up but none got airborne so remained unread.

Not far down the road was a MiG we still needed to catch.

Alton 12-06-20
7811 MiG-21MF Polish Air Force
7811 MiG-21 Alton 12-06-20

And a required Harrier was next up.

Liss-Durford Wood 12-06-20
ZG509/80 Harrier GR.7
ZG509 Harrier Liss 12-06-20

Time to catch the Sea Kings now the Aussies were unbagged.

Horsham 12-06-20
(N16-114) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-125) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-238) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-239) Sea King Mk.50B
(XV674) Sea King HAS.6
(XZ918) Sea King HAS.5

And finally a walk in the woods for the Puma. Thanks for the co-ords, Dazza.

Faygate-Holmbush Paintball 12-06-20
H-255 SA.330H Puma Chilean Army
H255 Puma Faygate 12-6-20

Not a great success on the active front but some more w&r knocked off the list.


A recent discussion between Nay and LB came to the conclusion that we had neglected British military of late. So, with not a lot to do and a late start we decided to head for Wattisham, hopefully to make an improvement to our Apache needs!

Sporadic weather, rain, sun, rain etc...wasn't ideal for pictures, but there were brief spells when the rain and heat haze gave us chances to read some of the parked 64's. That and quite a few movers helped with a surprising log.

Wattisham 5-6-20
3/4 Regiment
ZJ182 Apache AH.1
ZJ182 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20
ZJ188 Apache AH.1
ZJ198 Apache AH.1
ZJ199 Apache AH.1
ZJ199 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20
ZJ205 Apache AH.1
ZJ215 Apache AH.1
ZJ217 Apache AH.1
ZJ218 Apache AH.1
ZJ220 Apache AH.1
ZJ221 Apache AH.1
ZJ231 Apache AH.1
ZJ231 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20

One more escaped being identified, but we were more than pleased with the haul. A good few hours were spent here today, several movements in and out of the hangars kept us on our toes!

At least two more had departed before we arrived and spent the day down on the plains. We gave up waiting for them to return and headed of to MHZ. Typically as we arrived at Mildenhall, the two that we missed were heading back, some for another day...

Mildenhall wasn't overly inspiring, just a few visitors of which none were required. But one of the two newer Ospreys was out, so not a wasted trip. The Eagles were in for the D-Day flypast over the weekend.

Mildenhall 5-6-20
USAF Visitors
59-1523 KC-135T Stratotanker - 171ARW 'Pennsylvania'
62-3578 KC-135R Stratotanker - 108WG/141ARS 'New Jersey'
62-3578 KC-135R Mildenhall 5-6-20
84-0044/LN F-15D Eagle
84-0046/LN F-15D Eagle
86-0154/LN F-15C Eagle
86-0159/LN F-15C Eagle - '48OG'

A quick stop at Cambridge on the way home produced the usual suspects.

Cambridge 5-6-20
211/MAH C-130J Hercules - Qatar Emiri AF
84001 C-130H Hercules - Swedish AF
84003 C-130H Hercules - Swedish AF
G-273 C-130H Hercules - Royal Netherlands AF
ZH883 C-130J Hercules - Royal AF

One more C-130J was parked up by the hangars, no markings and completely scrubbed back to polished metal. Presumably an ex RAF example, but I hope not! Any ideas on an ID most welcome.


A late start to the follies this year for obvious reasons, but with travelling bans somewhat lifted we decided to head up to Lakenheath for some long overdue nozzing.

It was time for the MO's to come home from an extended stay in the Middle East. None of these were required but it was a good enough excuse to get out of the house!

Lakenheath 27-5-20
USAF - Visitors
366FW - Mountain Home
389FS - Thunderbolts
87-0169/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0169 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0170/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0170 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0173/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0173 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0198/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0198 MO F-15E Strike Eagle. Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0201/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0201 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0202/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0202 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0204/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0204 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0209/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0209 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1667/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1667 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1678/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1678 MO F-15E Strike Eagle. Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1699/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1699 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1707/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1707 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20

Over to Mildy next, and hopefully catch up with the newer based bits that were still required.

Mildenhall 27-5-20
USAF - Visitors
61-0318 KC-135R Stratotanker - 117ARW/106ARS 'Alabama'
79-0434 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
79-1949 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
79-1949 KC-10A Mildenhall 27-05-20
84-0192 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
84-0192 KC-10A Mildenhall 27-05-20
87-0119 KC-10A Extender - 60AMW 'Travis'

There was also a Ramstein Herc in on HS65, but we didn't see this. None of the new Ospreys were out but we did catch up with the latest two based Hercs.