Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Fighter Follies 2020

Today was just about getting a few different shots of the Eagles whilst they are at MHZ and another stab at Marham.

We met up with Pogo and Stevie T who were both taking the opportunity to knock off a few more F-15s.

Mildenhall 30-06-20
USN - Visitor
165313/AX-313 C-130T Hercules - VR-53
165313 AX-313 C-130T Mildenhall 30-6-20

USAF - Visitor
64-14846/OF RC-135V Rivet Joint - 55WG/95RS
64-14846 RC-135V Mildenhall 30-06-20
The displaced Eagles were 86-0154, 86-0156, 86-0160, 86-0163, 86-0165, 86-0171, 86-0172, 86-0178, 91-0301, 91-0314, 91-0316, 91-0320, 91-0329, 91-0331, 91-0602, 96-0201, 00-3000, 00-3003 and 01-2004.

A stop at the top of the hill and a little walk to read off those in the sun racks and then to the runway end for some photos.

Marham 30-06-20
F-35B Lightnings Marham 30-6-20

207/617 Sqn
ZM140/006 Lightning
ZM145/011 Lightning
ZM145 011 F-35B Marham 30-06-20
ZM149/015 Lightning
ZM149 015 F-35B Marham 30-06-20
ZM150/016 Lightning

(ZK028)/FD Hawk T.2 - 25Sqn
ZJ124/H Merlin HC.4 - 846NAS
ZJ124 H Merlin Marham 30-6-20
ZM304 Prefect T.1 - 3FTS o/f

Another look at Mildy on the way home revealed no new visitors.


Time for a little Lincs run out this time.

A couple of Tutors were up playing at Wittering so a little stop to pole them.

Wittering 22-06-20
G-BYUB Tutor T.1
G-BYXP Tutor T.1

Onwards to Barkston where flying hadn't started but they were pulled out ready to go.

Barkston Heath 22-06-20
ZM304 Prefect T.1
ZM308 Prefect T.1
ZM309 Prefect T.1
ZM312 Prefect T.1
ZM313 Prefect T.1
ZM317 Prefect T.1
ZM318 Prefect T.1

They were active just up the road though so went spent a little time here to get a few shots.

Cranwell 22-06-20
ZM300 Prefect T.1
ZM300 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20a
ZM301 Prefect T.1
ZM302 Prefect T.1
ZM303 Prefect T.1
ZM303 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20
ZM307 Prefect T.1
ZM307 G120 Cranwell 22-6-20
ZM314 Prefect T.1
ZM314 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20a
ZM315 Prefect T.1
ZM321 Prefect T.1
ZM321 Prefect Cranwell 22-06-20

45 Sqn
ZM335 Phenom T.1

G-BYUC Tutor T.1
G-BYUC G115 Cranwell 22-06-20
G-BYUN Tutor T.1
G-BYUW Tutor T.1
G-BYUZ Tutor T.1

There was nothing at all happening at Waddington so we set off for Typhoon land.

Coningsby 22-06-20
ZJ916/916 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ920/920 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ928/928 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ929/929 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ931/931 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ931 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZJ937/937 Typhoon FGR.4
ZJ946/946 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK300/300 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK307/307 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK318/318 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK329/329 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK348/348 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK348 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK353/353 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK354/354 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK358/358 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK361/361 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK365/365 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK366/366 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK367/EB-R Typhoon FGR.4
ZK372/372 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK374/374 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK374 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK380/380 Typhoon T.3
ZK381/381 Typhoon T.3
ZK382/382 Typhoon T.3
ZK383/383 Typhoon T.3
ZK428/428 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK429/429 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK429 Typhoon Coningsby 22-6-20
ZK432/432 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK433/433 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK436/436 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK436 Typhoon Coningsby 22-06-20
ZK438/438 Typhoon FGR.4
ZK439/439 Typhoon FGR.4

They were about to start flying again but we fancied having a look at Marham as it had been a shocking 30 years or so since we'd last been!

On the way we passed the Hunter (WT680) at Fleet Hargate but didn't stop.

Marham 22-06-20
207/617 Sqn
(ZM140)/006 Lightning

(ZK018)/I Hawk T.2 - 4Sqn
(ZK021)/L Hawk T.2 - 4Sqn
...../. Hawk T.2 - 25Sqn

We did stop for a quick piccy of the next Hunter though.

Beck Row 22-06-20
XG210 Hunter
XG210 Hunter Beck Row 22-06-20

Back via Mildy, rather quiet.

Mildenhall 22-06-20
USAF - Visitors
62-4125/OF RC-135W Rivet Joint - 55WG
62-4134/OF RC-135W Rivet Joint - 55WG
87-0120 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'

Retro 91-93 were due back from the States so we popped over just to make sure there wasn't a new one. You never know.

Lakenheath 22-06-20
Based 48FW
91-0311/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0311 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20
91-0603/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
91-0603 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20
97-0221/LN F-15E Strike Eagle
97-0221 F-15E Lakenheath 22-06-20

So, no newbies. As usual none had tail colours.

And finally a late evening stop for a C-17

Stansted 22-06-20
1228 C-17A Globemaster III UAE Air Force
1228 C-17 Stansted 22-06-20

A late finish but as Nay is still furloughed and LB is on lates tomorrow all was good.

Todays vote was to try and catch some Chinooks, or Lekkers if you prefer. Again the weather wasn't great but we gave it a go, social distancing of course.

Odiham 12-06-20
18 Sqn
ZH901 Chinook HC.5
ZH901 Chinook Odiham 12-06-20

Three more were on the ramp and all started up but none got airborne so remained unread.

Not far down the road was a MiG we still needed to catch.

Alton 12-06-20
7811 MiG-21MF Polish Air Force
7811 MiG-21 Alton 12-06-20

And a required Harrier was next up.

Liss-Durford Wood 12-06-20
ZG509/80 Harrier GR.7
ZG509 Harrier Liss 12-06-20

Time to catch the Sea Kings now the Aussies were unbagged.

Horsham 12-06-20
(N16-114) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-125) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-238) Sea King Mk.50B
(N16-239) Sea King Mk.50B
(XV674) Sea King HAS.6
(XZ918) Sea King HAS.5

And finally a walk in the woods for the Puma. Thanks for the co-ords, Dazza.

Faygate-Holmbush Paintball 12-06-20
H-255 SA.330H Puma Chilean Army
H255 Puma Faygate 12-6-20

Not a great success on the active front but some more w&r knocked off the list.


A recent discussion between Nay and LB came to the conclusion that we had neglected British military of late. So, with not a lot to do and a late start we decided to head for Wattisham, hopefully to make an improvement to our Apache needs!

Sporadic weather, rain, sun, rain etc...wasn't ideal for pictures, but there were brief spells when the rain and heat haze gave us chances to read some of the parked 64's. That and quite a few movers helped with a surprising log.

Wattisham 5-6-20
3/4 Regiment
ZJ182 Apache AH.1
ZJ182 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20
ZJ188 Apache AH.1
ZJ198 Apache AH.1
ZJ199 Apache AH.1
ZJ199 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20
ZJ205 Apache AH.1
ZJ215 Apache AH.1
ZJ217 Apache AH.1
ZJ218 Apache AH.1
ZJ220 Apache AH.1
ZJ221 Apache AH.1
ZJ231 Apache AH.1
ZJ231 AH-64 Wattisham 5-6-20

One more escaped being identified, but we were more than pleased with the haul. A good few hours were spent here today, several movements in and out of the hangars kept us on our toes!

At least two more had departed before we arrived and spent the day down on the plains. We gave up waiting for them to return and headed of to MHZ. Typically as we arrived at Mildenhall, the two that we missed were heading back, some for another day...

Mildenhall wasn't overly inspiring, just a few visitors of which none were required. But one of the two newer Ospreys was out, so not a wasted trip. The Eagles were in for the D-Day flypast over the weekend.

Mildenhall 5-6-20
USAF Visitors
59-1523 KC-135T Stratotanker - 171ARW 'Pennsylvania'
62-3578 KC-135R Stratotanker - 108WG/141ARS 'New Jersey'
62-3578 KC-135R Mildenhall 5-6-20
84-0044/LN F-15D Eagle
84-0046/LN F-15D Eagle
86-0154/LN F-15C Eagle
86-0159/LN F-15C Eagle - '48OG'

A quick stop at Cambridge on the way home produced the usual suspects.

Cambridge 5-6-20
211/MAH C-130J Hercules - Qatar Emiri AF
84001 C-130H Hercules - Swedish AF
84003 C-130H Hercules - Swedish AF
G-273 C-130H Hercules - Royal Netherlands AF
ZH883 C-130J Hercules - Royal AF

One more C-130J was parked up by the hangars, no markings and completely scrubbed back to polished metal. Presumably an ex RAF example, but I hope not! Any ideas on an ID most welcome.


A late start to the follies this year for obvious reasons, but with travelling bans somewhat lifted we decided to head up to Lakenheath for some long overdue nozzing.

It was time for the MO's to come home from an extended stay in the Middle East. None of these were required but it was a good enough excuse to get out of the house!

Lakenheath 27-5-20
USAF - Visitors
366FW - Mountain Home
389FS - Thunderbolts
87-0169/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0169 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0170/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0170 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0173/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0173 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0198/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0198 MO F-15E Strike Eagle. Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0201/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0201 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0202/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0202 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0204/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0204 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
87-0209/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
87-0209 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1667/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1667 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1678/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1678 MO F-15E Strike Eagle. Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1699/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1699 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20
88-1707/MO F-15E Strike Eagle
88-1707 MO F-15E Strike Eagle Lakenheath 27-5-20

Over to Mildy next, and hopefully catch up with the newer based bits that were still required.

Mildenhall 27-5-20
USAF - Visitors
61-0318 KC-135R Stratotanker - 117ARW/106ARS 'Alabama'
79-0434 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
79-1949 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
79-1949 KC-10A Mildenhall 27-05-20
84-0192 KC-10A Extender - 305AMW 'McGuire'
84-0192 KC-10A Mildenhall 27-05-20
87-0119 KC-10A Extender - 60AMW 'Travis'

There was also a Ramstein Herc in on HS65, but we didn't see this. None of the new Ospreys were out but we did catch up with the latest two based Hercs.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Bremen-Hamburg 21st - 22nd January 2020

A late decision saw Daz and Nay start the year off with a trip to Airbus at XFW. A first for Nay but Dazcat had been a few times before. An early start for both saw us arrive at a rather foggy Stansted. Not much seen here as a result of the fog and the de-icing not clearing from the windows until we were up in the air on EI-DYW operating FR3632

Stansted 21-01-20
9H-QBO Boeing 737 Ryanair
9H-QCX Boeing 737 Ryanair
SP-RSQ Boeing 737 Ryanair

A pretty empty flight gave us a row to ourselves. Nay was on the right side for landing and saw the dumped Jetstream. Daz missed it again. A few biz in but nothing too exciting for a Luton local...

Bremen 21-01-20
C-GHGF Douglas DC-3 Kenn Borek Air
CS-PHM Embraer EMB-505
D-AIWE Airbus A320 Lufthansa
D-BAVG Cessna 750
D-BJUG Embraer EMB-550
D-IENE Cessna 525A
D-ILAP Embraer EMB-500
F-HLRS Embraer EMB-505
M-ARDA Embraer ERJ-135BJ
N578EE Embraer EMB-550
OE-FMJ Cessna 525A
OO-PHI Cessna 525
OY-NDP Cessna 525A
(SP-KWE) BAe Jetstream 32 - dumped near runway threshold

A bit of charity for Nay next up.

Oyten 21-01-20
24+03 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21US German Air Force
24+03 MiG-21 Oyten 21-01-20

All locked up at the first GA stop, a few squinnied.

Lauenbruck 21-01-20
D-MBII Ikarus Comco C-42
D-MBVE TUL-02 Tandem TulakD-MDTC Vidor Asso V
D-MPHW Pipistrel Virus
D-MRAP Platzer Kiebitz

We had a tour booked for 1430 at Airbus so headed straight there next for a look around before heading to the meeting point.

Hamburg- Finkenwerder 21-01-20
(157) Nord Noratlas N.2501 French Air Force - Preserved
(50+62) Aerospatiale C-160D Transall German Air Force - Preserved
(D-AUAG) Airbus A320 9428 Flynas
D-AUAH Airbus A320 Chengdu Airlines
D-AUAR Airbus A321 9373 Pegasus Airlines
D-AUBO Airbus A320 Chengdu Airlines - TIB on nwd
D-AUBR Airbus A320 9352 SAS Scandinavian Airlines
D-AVVL Airbus A320 9212 IndiGo
D-AVVM Airbus A320 9380 Gulf Air
D-AVVS Airbus A320 9235 Interjet
D-AVVV Airbus A320 9218 GoAir
D-AVXG Airbus A321 9243 Azul Linhas Aereas - JB on nwd
D-AVXI Airbus A321 9214 easyJet
D-AVXN Airbus A321 9310 easyJet Europe
D-AVXO Airbus A321 9376 THY Turkish Airlines
(D-AVYA) Airbus A321 9266 Airbus Industrie
(D-AVYC) Airbus A321 9267 China Southern Airlines
D-AVYL Airbus A321 9000 THY Turkish Airlines
D-AVYT Airbus A321 9016 jetBlue Airways
(D-AVYV) Airbus A321 Delta Air Lines - f/n 3089
D-AVZI Airbus A321 9326 THY Turkish Airlines
D-AVZI 9326 A321 THY XFW 22-01-20
D-AVZJ Airbus A321 9063 IndiGo
(D-AVZK) Airbus A321 9156 IndiGo
(D-AVZM) Airbus A321 9230 Airbus Industrie
D-AVZN Airbus A321 IndiGo
D-AXAA Airbus A320 9119 Kuwait Airways
D-AXAG Airbus A320 9268 China Eastern Airlines
D-AYAE Airbus A321 9258 easyJet Europe
D-AYAK Airbus A321 9151 IndiGo
D-AYAM Airbus A321 9285 IndiGo
D-AYAS Airbus A321 9048 China Southern Airlines
D-AZAA Airbus A321 9240 China Southern Airlines
(D-AZAF) Airbus A321 9377 jetBlue Airways
(D-AZAK) Airbus A321 9298 IndiGo
D-AZAT Airbus A321 9164 Wizz Air
D-AZAU Airbus A321 TAP Air Portugal
(D-CARA) MBB Hansa Jet - Preserved
(F-GDSG) Boeing 377 Super Guppy - Preserved
F-GSTB/2 Airbus A300ST Airbus Skylink
F-GSTF/5 Airbus A300ST Airbus Skylink
F-WWSO Airbus A380 261 Emirates Airlines - A6-EVL under wing
F-WWSZ Airbus A380 264 Emirates Airlines
F-WZGL Airbus A350 397 Iberia
+ plenty of sections not listed here

The light was just about gone when we'd finished the tour so we decided to head in to Hamburg for the hotel. Once checked in we headed to the sports bar we'd clocked nearby. Some lovely Curry Wurst and a fair few Warsteiners later it was time for some shut eye. The beer was needed for kip as those who have shared a room with the maskless Daz will know all too well!


It was raining when we woke so we headed to HAM first to see what was about.

Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel 22-01-20
15+03 Airbus A319 German Air Force
5A-ONP Airbus A330 Afriqiyah Airways - no tail
D-ABDT Airbus A320 Eurowings
D-ABHN Airbus A320 Eurowings
D-ABKN Boeing 737 Eurowings
D-ABMQ Boeing 737 Eurowings
(D-ABOD) Boeing 707 Lufthansa - marked D-ABOB
D-ABOI Boeing 757 Condor
D-ABON Boeing 757 Condor
D-AEUD Airbus A320 Eurowings
D-AEWG Airbus A320 Eurowings
D-AEWG A320 Eurowings HAM 22-01-20
D-ASTX Airbus A320 Eurowings
D-BOOM Challenger 300
D-CANG Cessna 560
D-CNNN Cessna 560
D-EPJO Cirrus Design SR-20
EI-FPI Canadair Regional-Jet 900NG SAS Scandinavian Airlines - a/w
EI-FPV Canadair Regional-Jet 900NG SAS Scandinavian Airlines
HB-JCF Bombardier CS-300 Swiss International Airlines
HB-JVN Embraer 190 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVN E190 Helvetic HAM 22-01-20
HB-PJC Piper PA-46
N369ST Piper PA-46
OO-SSN Airbus A319 Brussels Airlines
T7-MBH Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy
TC-NCF Airbus A320 Pegasus Airlines
TC-NCF A320 HAM 22-01-20
+ an all white Boeing 747 with LH Technic

As the weather was improving we headed over to XFW to see what had moved.

Hamburg- Finkenwerder 22-01-20
D-AUAU Airbus A320 9344 Sky Airline
D-AUAU 9344 A320 Sky XFW 22-01-20
D-AUAW Airbus A320 9353 Cebu Pacific Air
D-AVVY Airbus A320 9225 Flynas
D-AVXE Airbus A321 9345 Air China
D-AVXW Airbus A321 9288 China Southern Airlines
D-AVYD Airbus A321 9365 Chongqing Airlines
D-AVYD 9365 A321 Chongqing XFW 22-01-20
D-AXAE Airbus A320 9251 Lufthansa
D-AXAE 9251 A320 XFW 22-01-20
D-AYAW Airbus A321 9311 China Southern Airlines
(D-AZAM) Airbus A321 9150 Cebu Pacific Air
+ an unread Airbus A321 Sichuan Airlines
Unknown A321 Sichuan XFW 22-01-20

Catching the Chongqing made Daz's day as he always seems to miss them in China. Nay had never heard of them.  An Air China and Volotea both on the delivery centre remained elusive.

Time to move on to a museum and an active mil base.

Nordholz 22-01-20
Aeronautica Museum
(388) Fouga CM-170R Magister French Air Force - marked SC 601
388 as SC601 CM170 Nordholz 22-01-20
22+98 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter German Navy
22+98 F-104 Nordholz 22-01-20
(25+05) Sukhoi Su-22M-4K German Air Force - marked 366
25+05 as 366 SU-22 Nordholz 22-01-20
43+55 Panavia Tornado IDS German Air Force
43+55 Tornado Nordholz 22-01-20
45+30 Panavia Tornado IDS German Air Force
45+30 Tornado Nordholz 22-01-20
54+08 Percival P.66 Pembroke German Navy
54+08 Pembroke Nordholz 22-01-20
59+19 Dornier Do.28 German Navy
59+19 Do.28 Nordholz 22-01-20
59+22 Dornier Do.28 German Navy
59+22 Do.28 Nordholz 22-01-20
(61+03) Breguet 1150 Atlantic German Navy - stored cockpit
61+03 Atlantic Nordholz 22-01-20
61+14 Breguet 1150 Atlantic German Navy
61+14 Atlantic Nordholz 22-01-20
71+07 Dornier UH-1D German Air Force
71+07 UH-1 Nordholz 22-01-20
(78+16) Bristol B.171 Sycamore German Navy - marked WE+543
78+16 as WE+543 Sycamore Nordholz 22-01-20
(90+77) Focke-Wulf FWP-149D German Navy - marked 91+02
90+77 as 91+02 P149 Nordholz 22-01-20
94+01 Mil Mi-8S German Air Force
94+01 Mi-8 Nordholz 22-01-20
94+14 Mil Mi-8TB German Air Force
94+14 Mi-8 Nordholz 22-01-20
D-AXDB VFW-614 Nordholz 22-01-20
RB+363 Hawker Sea Hawk German Navy
RB+363 Sea Hawk Nordholz 22-01-20
UA+113 Fairey Gannet German Navy
UA+113 Gannet Nordholz 22-01-20
VB+134 Hawker Sea Hawk German Navy
VB+134 Sea Hawk Nordholz 22-01-20

61+06 Breguet 1150 Atlantic German Navy - GG
61+06 Atlantic Nordholz 22-01-20
(80+59) Sikorsky H-34G German Navy - GG - marked 80+52
80+59 as 80+52 H-34 Nordholz 22-01-20
83+22 Westland Lynx German Navy
D-CFMF Beech 350 FCS Flight Calibration Services
D-CGFQ Learjet 35A GFD
+  a P-3 flying pinging 3F79C2 which must be a tactical code.

A few GA stops were left for the day. Bar a couple of covered trikes with no wings a clear out was first up.  We had a nice chat with the owner of the Merlin Trike, check out his website below.

Kuhrstedt 22-01-20
(D-EHUT) Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ.III - wreck on hangar wall
D-EHUT KZ.III Kuhrstedt 22-01-20
D-MBJA Ikarus Comco C-42
D-MBJO Ikarus Comco C-42
D-MBJO C42 Kuhrstedt 22-01-20
D-MSRC Aerostyle Breezer
D-MSRC Breezer Kuhrstedt 22-01-20
D-MWYZ Take Off Merlin 1100 www.flyingtrike.de
D-MWYZ Merlin Trike Kuhrstedt 22-01-20

By the time we reached the next stop the light was all but gone. One chap was working on his plane and let us have a look in the hangar. A few more hangars here all shut up.

Karlshofen 22-01-20
D-EBXU Reims-Cessna FR.172E
D-ECHU Reims-Cessna F.150L
D-ECHU F150 Karlshofen 22-01-20
D-ECPO Reims-Cessna FA.150L
D-EIHM Piper PA-28
D-EIUH Piper PA-18
D-EKFW Piper PA-28
D-ELGM Piper PA-24
N54626 Cessna 182 - (thanks Malcolm G)
OY-ELM Bolkow Bo.208C
OY-ELM Bo208 Karlshofen 22-01-20

As it was dark we binned the last few stops, a few for next time, and headed back to Bremen.

Bremen 22-01-20
D-ASEE Airbus A320 Sundair
D-CDMO Embraer EMB-505
D-CWIT Cessna 525C
D-EKBT Beech B36TC
D-EUCK Cirrus Design SR-22T
D-INOB Cessna 525A
D-IOSA Piper PA-42 - Preserved
G-HARG Embraer EMB-550

EI-EKV on the FR3631 was the ride back to Stansted where nothing of interest was noted.

Thanks to the Dazcat for the organising and driving.